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Question: What is collaborative editing?

The word collaborate means "to work together, especially in a joint intellectual effort" (so collaborative = cooperative, synergetic), but collaborate can also mean "to cooperate with an enemy." Authors and editors are sometimes portrayed as enemies, but I prefer to see editing as a partnership, inspiring teamwork between could-be adversaries.

Depending on the manuscript itself, I edit on the following levels:

1) What must change: material that is incorrect (format, grammar, spelling, punctuation); inaccurate (facts, historical details, contradictions); or improper (offensive, libelous, defamatory).

2) What should/could change: suggestions concerning style, flow, word choice, sentence and paragraph structure.

3) Suggestions about the overall work itself (plot, setting, characters, pace, tone, themes).

4) Steadfast attention to maintaining Clarity, Conciseness and Consistency.

At present, I primarily edit word processing documents, usually marking the work for correction and offering suggestions, but leaving the client (publisher or author) to make final decisions. However, if hired to do so, I make the actual changes to the word processing document for the client. I prefer to work directly with the author: discussing (usually by phone with no phone charges to US-residents) various aspects of the work. If I'm unsure what an author is trying to convey, I may ask questions to clarify the situation, then brainstorm ways to correct/improve problem areas.

I'm interested in—and enjoy editing—a wide variety of subjects, including but certainly not limited to: history, animals, self-help and psychology, spirituality, humor, science fiction and fantasy, as well as most environmental and social issues. I especially love historical fiction and have extensive knowledge about the American West in the latter half of the nineteenth century, including wide research on Native American life and culture. But I always love it when editing brings me to read and learn about new peoples and places, eras and events.

If I work for you, I'll be honest—and I'm often tough—but I'm fair, and I'm kind. As an author myself, I know how difficult it can be to receive critique—especially when it involves more work on something I felt was finished! Knowing first-hand how vulnerable an author is, I'm well aware how important it is to work with an editor who has the author's best interests in mind. I believe in encouraging and empowering other writers, sharing what I've learned and pressing them to do the best work they can. Most people I've edited say they "learned a lot about writing" during our process and felt they were better writers afterwards.

Question: What books has Vicki Werkley edited?


     Historical Fiction:

     bullet graphic   Page Street by Mark J. Boskovich 1993
BEAGLE BAY BOOKS (Reno, NV) www.beaglebay.com

     Historical Fiction:

     bullet graphic   Captain Mary, Buccaneer by Jacqueline Church Simonds 2000
     bullet graphic   The Witch from the Sea by Lisa Jensen 2001
     bullet graphic   Mahalo, My Love by Ida Hills 2002

     Non-Fiction (Self-Help):

     bullet graphic   Monster Lies: A Woman's Guide to Controlling Her Destiny
                  by Sally Franz & Jennifer Webb
BELLEKEEP BOOKS (New York, NY & Los Angeles, CA) www.bellekeepbooks.com

     Fiction ("The Milford-Haven Series"):

     bullet graphic   What the Heart Knows by Mara Purl 2011
     bullet graphic   Where the Heart Lives by Mara Purl 2012

     Fiction ("The Milford-Haven Stories" for eBook):

     bullet graphic   When Hummers Dream by Mara Purl 2011
     bullet graphic   When Whales Watch by Mara Purl 2012
COASTSIDE GRAPHICS PUBLICATIONS (Mendocino, CA) www.kevinmilligangallery.com

     Non-Fiction (Art Book with History):

     bullet graphic   MENDOCINO: A Painted Pictorial by Kevin Milligan
                  (V. H. Werkley also co-author of the historical text)
EAGLE SPIRIT PRESS (Portland, OR) www.lindaneale.com

     Non-Fiction (Self-Help/Spirituality/Native American):

     bullet graphic   The Power of Ceremony:
                  Restoring the Sacred in Our Selves, Our Families, Our Communities
                  by Linda Neale LMFT, LPC
HAVEN BOOKS (N. Hollywood, CA) www.havenbooks.net

      Fiction ("The Milford-Haven Series"):

     bullet graphic   Nobody's Fault by Mara Purl 2001

     Fiction ("The Milford-Haven Series"):

     bullet graphic   What the Heart Knows by Mara Purl
                  Benjamin Franklin Award – Adult Fiction – Silver
     bullet graphic   Closer Than You Think by Mara Purl
                  EVVY Award – Fiction – Gold
     bullet graphic   Child Secrets by Mara Purl 1999/2007
     bullet graphic   Cause and Conscience by Mara Purl 2000
     bullet graphic   Christmas Angels (Milford-Haven short stories) by Mara Purl
                  CIPA Merit Book

     Non-Fiction (Drama/Acting):

     bullet graphic   ACT RIGHT: A Manual for the On-Camera Actor
                  by Erin Gray & Mara Purl
                  EVVY Award – Non-Fiction – Gold
LOST COAST PRESS (Fort Bragg, CA) www.cypresshouse.com

     Non-Fiction (Biography):

     bullet graphic   The Man Behind the Miracle by Madeline Hartmann 1999
SHAME SHAMAN PRESS (Middletown, CA) shameshaman.com

     Non-Fiction (Memoir):

     bullet graphic   Reclaiming Magdalen: A Memoir of Sexual Healing
                  by Rev. Debra Jean Hawley
SUMMIT PUBLISHING (Morristown, NJ) www.summitpublishing.org

     Non-Fiction (Health Care/Nutrition):

     bullet graphic   Tomorrow's Health for Today's Family:
                  A Groundbreaking Guide to Better Health for
                  You and Your Community in the 21st Century
                  by Douglas J. Ratner, M.D.
                  (V. H. Werkley also responsible for book design,
                  page layout, art direction, and cover design
                  [in conjunction with Klaver Design])

     bullet graphic  ALSO:

Served as an editorial consultant for Science Fiction Television Series: Episode Guides, Histories, and Casts and Credits for 62 Prime Time Shows, 1959 through 1989 by Mark Phillips and Frank Garcia; McFarland & Co., Inc. Publishers; 1996 ("Starman" segment).
Between 1991 and 2002 Vicki Werkley was Co-Editor-in-Chief of the award-winning and internationally distributed Blue Lights Newsletterzine from BLUE LIGHTS PUBLICATIONS (Sacramento, CA). www.starmanet.com

Question: What does Collaborative Editing cost?

Rates are negotiable, depending on the project and usually run between $1-$5 per double-spaced, typewritten page. Unfortunately, I am unable to accept anything that is not typed, but I can probably connect a client with affordable typing services (including electronic preparation of a manuscript), if needed.

For more info about collaborative editing, its costs and/or a quote, contact Vicki:

(Please put "VHW" in the subject line of your email so it isn't deleted as spam.)
or call: 707-995-1228.

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